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Visa FAQs

We’re giving YOU the credit YOU deserve!

Credit cards are the no-fuss cash alternative. They are also a helpful tool when it comes to emergencies. But the advantages of credit go far beyond mere convenience. Read here to learn more!

Lost or Stolen Card?

VISA Call:

Yes, you can do all of these things online:

  • Get a summary of your current account status, including balance, available credit and payment information
  • View detailed transaction information
  • View and print up to 30 months of credit card statements.
  • Download transactions for use with financial management software
  • Make your credit card payment online

Enroll in Online Banking, choose the E-Statement enrollment button.

You will be able to review your credit card statements online at eZCardInfo. Log into, select Account Details, then, MyStatements to view. Or, stop at any CorePlus branch to obtain a paper copy.

The annual percentage rate (APR) is the cost of credit on an annual basis expressed as a percentage.

An interest charge is the sum of interest on your credit card account, and it is broken down by transaction type: purchases, cash advances, and balance transfers. If you pay less than the full balance or pay after the payment due date you will pay interest on those purchases. Please note, cash advances and balance transfers have no grace period, which means they start accruing interest as soon as the transaction is made. This will result in interest due, even if your balance is paid in full.

You will receive your card within 10 business days upon approval. Once you receive your credit card it will need to be activated. You can call the number located on the activation sticker.

Call CorePlus Federal Credit Union at 860-886-0576, toll free at 800-724-0779 or stop in at any branch location.

VISA credit cards are automatically re-issued on an annual basis.

The prime rate is a fluctuating rate of interest determined by an individual financial institution to use in pricing short-term loans. The Wall Street Journal’s published prime rate is used as the index.

The periodic rate is a rate of interest charged that may be imposed by a creditor on a balance for a day, week, month, or any subdivision of a year.

A balance transfer request form must be completed, which includes merchant or financial institution’s name, address, account number and total dollar amount to be transferred. This document must be signed and dated by the member. CorePlus does not charge a balance transfer fee. Refer to our standard rate and fee schedule for additional information. Please note: The transfer amount cannot exceed your available credit. It can take up to 10 business days for the balance transfer to post to your account.

One of the main advantages of having a credit card, if used wisely, is that it can have a positive effect on your credit score! By using your credit card regularly and making your monthly payments on time, you build a solid credit history that says to potential lenders “You can trust me.”

Your credit card can help you keep track of your expenses. Save your receipts and check them against your monthly statement or view via on-line banking. Notify the credit union right away if you notice suspicious charges. To report a lost or stolen VISA card, call 866-333-4740.

Call us as soon as you think your card has been compromised.

Mon – Fri, 9.30am – 4.30pm
call 860-886-0576 or toll free at 800-724-0779.

We’ll cancel your card and issue a replacement immediately. You won’t be liable for any fraudulent activity when you notify us promptly. After hours, call 866-333-4740, with a follow up call to the Credit Union during our normal business hours to request a new card.

No, nobody else can access your account information. Only you can by using your personal ID and password. It is extremely important that you protect your online password. Do not share your password with anyone. Memorize your password; do not write it down. No CorePlus representative will ever ask you for your online password. Notify CorePlus immediately if you notice any unusual account activity.

Use it to get rewards!

  • ScoreCard Points – earns travel rewards and/or merchandise such as airline miles that can be redeemed for free trips or to purchase trips at a discount

When you consistently pay your bill on time, you boost your credit score. With a higher credit score, you may qualify for lower interest rates on mortgages, insurances, and other big-ticket items.

  1. Yes. Before traveling, contact CorePlus and let them know your destination and duration of your trip.
  2. Please refer to our listing of blocked and at risk countries on our website: under the Domestic or International Debit/Credit icon. Risk blocks are removed at the discretion of the Credit Union in accordance with the Security Policy, FBI, and State Department recommendations.
  3. Take cash and have an alternative access to funds such as a Travelex Card or Travelers Checks.
  4. Bring your credit card company contact information with you, especially the telephone number to report the card lost or stolen: Within the US, call 866-333-4740 or overseas, call 727-556-9000.
  5. Upon your return from your trip, review your credit card statement and confirm that all transactions are legitimate. Immediately call 800-600-5249 to report any fraudulent transactions or activity.

If you pay your credit card account from a CorePlus checking or savings account, funds transferred before 3.30p.m. ET, including weekends and holidays, will be credited the next business day. If you pay your credit card from a checking or savings account with another financial institution, your payment will be processed according to that financial institution’s guidelines.

To change your contact information by mail, follow the instructions on the back of your statement. Or, you may call us at 860-886-0576, visit or contact any CorePlus Federal Credit Union branch. Generally, you can expect to have your information updated within 24 hours from the time you submit your request.

It is important to pay consistently and on time. You can dramatically reduce your debt simply by paying a little more than the minimum amount due each month. If you find that you are having difficulty making payments, it is important that you immediately establish communications with the Credit Union and work with us.

A Returned Payment Fee is assessed if a payment on your account is returned for insufficient funds or for any other reasons. The payment is reversed and the fee is charged to your savings or checking account.

A late fee is assessed if the Total Minimum Payment Due is not received by the Payment Due Date shown on your statement. Please refer to the Standard Rate & Fee Schedule.

To mail us a payment, please use the address listed below:

CorePlus Federal Credit Union
202 Salem Turnpike Norwich, CT 06360

You can pay your credit card the following ways:

  1. You can make payments at any CorePlus Federal Credit Union location during normal business hours or via the night deposit.
  2. Visit any Credit Union Shared Service Center to make your payment
  3. Log into, enroll your CPCU VISA, and follow the prompts to set up a payment from your CorePlus checking or savings accounts, or you may opt to pay from your accounts at another financial institution.


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