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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update for Credit Card Holders: FIS, our Credit Card servicer, currently has less staff available to assist with your call. Please expect longer than normal wait times when calling in.  Thank you for your patience.

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CardValet for Debit Cardholders

Protect your debit card with real-time control.

New Power for Cardholders: CardValet from Fiserv

CardValet LogoFraudsters have been making a lot of headlines lately. But now there’s some good news for CorePlus Credit Union debit cardholders. Our members now have access to an app called CardValet from FiservIt’s the key to taking unprecedented, real-time control over your cards through your smartphone.

CardValet adds another level of security to your cards by letting you decide how and when they can be used, and alerting you when any types of transactions you specify take place to help identify and stop potential fraud from happening. You can even use CardValet to set personal spending limits that help you stay within your budget goals.


  • Safeguard your cards: you can turn cards on or off in seconds
  • Real-time alerts: keep you informed when your cards are used
  • Transaction controls: allow your cards to work only in specific locations or geographic areas
  • Limit card use: to specific merchants or purchases.

In just minutes, you can gain the security and control of CardValet from Fiserv. All it takes to get started is a free download from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

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