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CorePlus has partnered with many local businesses to bring financing options to our members and community. Yes, you can get instant, on-site, affordable credit union financing (and special discounts!) on the products and services that your family needs. Our preferred retail partners may offer fixed rate, closed end loans with rates as low as 0% APR, or flexible VISA credit card financing! By supporting local small business, we are keeping our community strong! 

Get ApprovedCorePlus Indirect team would be willing to assist any members help locate a vehicle through our Preferred Dealers and answer any questions they may have.

Shop Local! Visit our Preferred Dealers & Retail Partners for your discount today! Pay for your purchases with CorePlus!

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Specialty Vehicles

6 Center Parkway, Plainfield, C 06374
(860) 213-1623
221 Governor St., East Hartford, CT 06108
(860) 727-6606
992 Norwich Rd., Plainfield, CT 06374
20 Excalibur Blvd, Plainfield, CT
(860) 564-4223
661 Gold Star Highway, Groton, CT 06340