Treating Customers Like Gold

Nick Interview

(l-r) Sara Dart-Ford of Westerly, Teller; Valerie Giuliano of Westerly, Sr. Member Solutions Representative; Nicholas Fortson of Norwich, President & CEO; Tracy Lewis of New London, Branch Manager; and Elizabeth Gigliotti of Westerly, Teller.

Treating Customers Like Gold

The Resident Good News Interview with Nicholas Fortson, President and CEO

Alexis Ann, photo & story
Alexis: What do you like best about your job? 
Nicholas: I’m a people person! I like providing job opportunities for young people. A young person comes in, we train them, nurture them, and provide a healthy environment to come to work. I love to see them stay because they like the environment and move up through the ranks. If our team members feel good about coming here, they’re going to treat our customers like gold. I tell them when they do a good job. I have a very entrepreneurial spirit, so I like to motivate people. If they are happy, my business will be successful! 

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