Visa 0% APR*

Woman with visa card

Open a New CorePlus VISA or Transfer Your Existing Balance to One of Our CPCU Visa Card Programs.

0% Introductory APR** for 6 billing cycles. Plus:

  • NO Balance Transfer Fees!
  • NO Annual Fees!*
  • NO Set Up or Maintenance Fees!
  • NO Cash Advance Fees!
  • NO Foreign Transaction Fees!

Choose the CPCU Visa Card Plan That is Right For YOU! 


Balance Transfers 2.99% APR** Introductory Rate for 6 Billing Cycles

*No Annual Fee – Requires that a Platinum Perks participation level be maintained.

**Introductory Annual Percentage Rate(APR) is a promotional rate which will be effective for 6 billing cycles. The 0% is only available in New CorePlus CoreVisa cards. Introductory rate on balance transfers is 2.99% for 6 billing cycles. After the introductory rate period rates revert to the standard purchase and balance transfer rates for particular card. See Credit Union Member Solution Representative for full disclosure. Rate term and conditions are subject to change without prior  notice. Offer is based on creditworthiness.



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