Urgent: VISA® Credit Card Program Upgrade

Dear CorePlus Member,

On Sunday, April 30th at 4:00pm we will begin a week long upgrade to our VISA® credit card program in order to enhance our overall member service.  Our new program will rival the technology of many of the biggest card companies, while retaining the hometown service you have become accustomed to. PLEASE NOTE: Your ability to use your CorePlus VISA® card will not be impacted during the upgrade. 

Our members have been asking for extended service hours for credit cards for quite some time.  Our inability to provide service to cardholders outside of our normal business hours has been a frustration we share.  Going forward, members will have access to 24/7 card service.  The enhanced service will become effective on May 5th The 24/7 service will mean you’re never alone when you need assistance with your CorePlus VISA® card.  In July, the enhanced service will be further expanded to a concierge level enabling you to perform almost any function after hours that you can perform during the day.  

Fraud protection is important to everyone.  Please be on the lookout for additional information on new features that put you in control of your credit card by allowing you to turn it on or off using your mobile phone. 

Your credit card information has previously been stored on the same system as your other CorePlus accounts.  With the upgrade we will now store our credit card data on a platform designed exclusively for credit cards. This powerful platform is the foundation for the upgraded services we will be offering and continuing to build upon.  As of April 30th, your credit card information will no longer be visible on IT’SME247 Home Banking. (Please note, if you currently have an automatic transfer set up to pay your monthly credit card from your CorePlus account, it will no longer work after April 30th. Your transfer will need to be set up on the new eZCardInfo site.) After the upgrade, on May 5th when you visit IT’SME247 you will see a link to our new credit card home banking site, eZCardInfo. Here you will be able to access your credit card information, transaction history, and enroll in e-statements.  Transactions will be updated to the site each evening. If you wish to make your monthly credit card payment electronically, this site offers greater flexibility.  You can set up the payment to come from your CorePlus or any other bank account. If your credit card has the ScoreCard Rewards option, you’ll find a wealth of information on your points balance and redemption options on the eZCardInfo site. 

Going forward your credit card statement will arrive separately from your CorePlus account statements and will have an updated look.  If you choose to mail your payment or if you utilize a bill payment service, there are no changes.

In late June we will be upgrading IT’SME247 home banking to a new platform.  At that time, there will be a single sign-on to home banking for access to both your CorePlus accounts and the eZCardInfo site for your credit card information. 

We’re looking forward to providing you with an enhanced level of service and security.  We appreciate your patience as we go through these upgrades.  If you have any questions please contact us at 860-886-0576.


Nicholas K. Fortson
President & CEO


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