Rapid Refi

Rapid Refi New Lower Rate!

New Lower Rate Saves Even More! Pay off an existing mortgage faster with our Rapid Refi Mortgage program, with lower fixed rates and accelerated terms saving you thousands of dollars. Be mortgage-free sooner!


Leaving Your Job? Your Retirement Savings Plan Options

Are you leaving your job and considering whether to take a distribution from your 401(k), 403(b), or governmental 457(b) plan? if so, make sure you’ve considered all your options. In general, you have the following four options when you’re eligible to receive a distribution from your employer retirement savings plan.1 Option 1: Leave the money […]

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Smart-E Loan: Flexible financing for home energy improvement

Get Flexible Financing with a Smart-E Loan A Smart-E Loan offers no money down, low-interest financing to help you improve the comfort of your home – and save money! Choose from over 40 home improvement projects that reduce energy use and costs. Maximize your savings by bundling two or more qualifying upgrades. • Rates as […]


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