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CorePlus Credit Union Board of Directors: A Team of Dedicated Leaders


CorePlus Credit Union is fortunate to have a board of directors who are committed to the success of our credit union and our members.

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CorePlus Credit Union Board of Directors: Leading the Way to Financial Success

CorePlus Credit Union is governed by a board of directors who are elected by our members to oversee the credit union’s operations and ensure that it is run in the best interests of our members. Our directors are volunteers who are passionate about CorePlus Credit Union and our mission to provide affordable and reliable financial services to our members.

Our directors come from a variety of backgrounds and have a wealth of experience in business, finance, and the community. They are committed to providing CorePlus Credit Union with the strategic guidance and leadership it needs to continue to grow and succeed.

Under the leadership of our board of directors, CorePlus Credit Union has achieved significant growth and success in recent years. We have expanded our branch network, launched new products and services, and increased our membership. We are also proud of our commitment to financial education and our support for the local community.

We are grateful for the service of our board of directors and for their commitment to CorePlus Credit Union. We are confident that under their leadership, CorePlus Credit Union will continue to be a leading financial institution in Eastern Connecticut for many years to come.

Board of Directors

  • Jean Swift, Chair
  • Nancy Bulkeley, Vice Chair
  • Louis Fusaro, Sr. , Treasurer
  • David Moorehead, Secretary
  • Kyle Dykes, Director
  • Jesse Luis, Director
  • Selma Ward, Director

As a not-for-profit cooperative financial institution, CorePlus Federal Credit Union elects officials who volunteer their time and talent to serve the Credit Union.

The Credit Union Board and Committee members are nominated from the membership at large, and voted on by the members at the annual meeting. We are proud to have a devoted group of members serving on the Board. They meet on a regular basis and have a commitment to make certain the Credit Union provides valuable products and services to the membership.