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CorePlus Credit Union: Making a Difference Together

Community Impact Reports

We’re delighted to share how we have given back to our community over recent years. We look forward to continuing to strengthen local organizations, and to make our communities a great place to live for everyone.

CorePlus Credit Union: A Continuous Commitment to Our Community

CorePlus Credit Union is proud to present our first Community Impact Report!

Our members are our neighbors, and everyone benefits when we work to make our cities and towns a better place to live. It’s a commitment that doesn’t just manifest itself in an occasional sponsorship or oversized check ceremony; it’s a driving force that inspires us all year long.

Each year, CorePlus will summarize the many ways we have given back over the past year. It also serves as an invitation to share your own ideas for how we can continue to make a positive impact on the communities we serve.

Community Impact Report