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Share Certificate Secured Loans: Your Path to Low-Rate, Secure Borrowing

Share Certificate Secured Loans

Welcome to CorePlus Credit Union, your trusted financial partner in Eastern Connecticut. We’re excited to introduce a unique and financially savvy way to secure a low loan rate while keeping your savings intact – our Share Certificate Secured Loans! Explore the benefits of this innovative option that allows you to leverage your share certificate for a secure and cost-effective borrowing experience.

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Borrow Smart, Save Smart

At CorePlus Credit Union, we believe in empowering our members with smart financial solutions. Our Share Certificate Secured Loans provide you with a low loan rate, and the best part? You use your share certificate as collateral, eliminating the need for a credit check.

Why Choose A Share Certificate Secured Advance Loan from CorePlus?

Low Loan Rates

Enjoy a low Annual Percentage Rate (APR) by securing your loan with your share certificate account. It’s a cost-effective way to access funds for various needs without compromising on savings.

Continued Dividends

While repaying your loan, your share certificate account continues to earn dividends. It’s a win-win situation where you borrow with financial confidence, knowing your savings are still growing.

Preserve Your Savings

When your loan is paid off, your savings remain intact. Our Share Certificate Secured Loans let you enjoy the benefits of borrowing without depleting your hard-earned savings.

Key Features of Share Certificate Secured Loans


Certificate Rate + 3.00%

Maximum Term

Matches the length of your certificate, ensuring a tailored and flexible borrowing experience.

Personal Loans Rates
Rapid Cash Short Term Loan 28.00% 01 to 12 months
Personal Loans 10.49% – 17.99% 01 to 84 months
Debt Consolidation Loan 12.49% – 17.99% 01 to 84 months
“MoneyLine” of Credit 9.00% – 15.00% 01 to 36 months
Credit Builder Loan 13.99% 01 to 36 months
Signature Remodeler Loan 7.99% – 16.24% 01 to 144 months
Smart-E/CT Green Bank Loans 5.99% – 7.49% 01 to 180 months
Share Secured Advance Share Rate + 4.00% 01 to 84 months
Certificate Secured Advance Certificate Rate + 3.00% Term of Certificate

Ready to Experience Smart Borrowing?

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Ready to unlock low loan rates while preserving your savings? Apply for a Share Certificate Secured Loan from CorePlus Credit Union and experience a borrowing solution that aligns with your financial goals.

At CorePlus Credit Union, we’re not just about loans; we’re about smart financial choices. Apply today and discover the benefits of Share Certificate Secured Loans for a secure and cost-effective borrowing experience!