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Convenient and Secure Online Loan Payments with E-Pay

E-Pay Loan Repayment from CorePlus Credit Union

Enjoy our hassle-free Online Loan Payment service – E-Pay! We’ve streamlined the process, making it easy and secure for you to manage your loan payments conveniently from the comfort of your home.

Why Choose E-Pay?

Secure and Confidential

Rest easy knowing that CorePlus prioritizes the security and confidentiality of your payment information. Our online loan payment portal employs the latest encryption standards, ensuring a secure environment for all your transactions.

Flexible Payment Options

Enjoy the flexibility of making payments that suit your financial preferences. Whether it’s a one-time payment each billing cycle, setting up automatic recurring payments, or making extra payments on-demand, E-Pay adapts to your needs.

Convenient Debit Options

Debit your payments directly from your checking or savings account at the bank or credit union of your choice. Alternatively, make payments conveniently using a credit or debit card where available. Please note that a fee applies to credit/debit card transactions.

Timely Application

Experience the efficiency of having your payments applied directly to your loan account on the next business day or the posting date you’ve selected. Receive automatic email confirmations and reminders for every transaction.

User-Friendly Interface

Access your full payment history on the E-Pay site and update your personal information, password, and payment preferences at your convenience.

How to Get Started

  1. Login/Register: First-time users need to log in to register and create a password. Follow the instructions displayed on the login page for entering your CorePlus loan account number.
  2. Select Payment Method: Choose your preferred payment method and enter your checking/savings account information or credit/debit card details (where available).
  3. Enter Payment Details: Input the payment amount, payment date, and select the payment frequency based on your preferences.
  4. Review and Submit: Review your loan payment request, ensuring you read the terms and conditions before submitting your payment.
  5. Immediate Confirmation: Once submitted, you’ll receive an immediate confirmation for your peace of mind.

All registration and payment information is securely retained for future visits. No need to re-enter it – simply log in with your loan account number and password!