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Unlock Your Home’s Potential with CorePlus Credit Union’s Home Equity Options

Unlock Your Home’s Potential with CorePlus Equity Products

Your home’s equity can be a key to realizing your dreams. Our suite of equity products is designed to empower you, offering flexibility, competitive rates, and personalized solutions. Let’s explore the possibilities.

Smart Financing for Your Home Journey

CorePlus Equity Products

Embark on your home improvement journey with confidence using CorePlus Credit Union’s innovative home equity products. Tailored for smart financing, these offerings, including fixed-rate home equity, Rapid Reno Mortgage, HELOC, and Home Equity Builder Loans, provide affordable solutions to enhance your living spaces. With competitive rates and flexible terms, CorePlus empowers you to transform your home dreams into reality.


Introducing CorePlus Credit Union’s Smart HELOC: A Smarter alternative to leverage your home equity wisely, offering a 12-month fixed introductory rate to give you unparalleled peace of mind. We know the financial journey ahead isn’t always easy, which is why we’re offering Smarter financial solutions.

Introducing Our Exclusive Introductory Rate Smart HELOC

Fixed Rate Home Equity

Maximize stability and control with our Fixed Rate Home Equity loan. Whether you’re funding a major project or consolidating debt, enjoy the security of a fixed-rate, predictable monthly payments, and terms that suit your financial strategy.

Learn More About Fixed Rate Home Equity

Rapid Refi Mortgage

Efficiency meets savings with our Rapid Refi Mortgage. Refinance your current mortgage swiftly and secure funds for your goals. Enjoy the benefits of low fixed rates, low closing costs, and a locally processed and serviced experience.

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Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

Tap into the value of your home with a Home Equity Line of Credit. Our HELOC provides immediate access to funds for major expenses or ongoing projects. Write checks directly from your HELOC checkbook, and enjoy flexible terms and competitive rates.

Is a HELOC right for you?

Rapid Reno Mortgage

Transform your living space with our Rapid Reno Mortgage. Refinance your mortgage and unlock funds for home renovations. Benefit from flexible terms, low fixed rates, and a seamless, locally managed process.

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Home Equity Builder Loans

A budget-friendly renovation program tailored for homeowners seeking to enhance their properties beyond current market values. With this program, funds are disbursed directly to contractors, ensuring a dedicated focus on improvement projects. Funds are exclusively allocated for approved project expenses and cannot be utilized for any other purposes.

Discover Our Exclusive Equity Builder Loan

At CorePlus Credit Union, we believe in the power of your home’s equity to fuel your aspirations. Our team is dedicated to providing personalized solutions that fit your unique needs. Explore the potential within your home – apply for a CorePlus equity product today and take the next step toward realizing your goals!