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Unleash Your Home’s Potential

Signature Remodeler Loans: Transforming Homes, Transforming Lives

At CorePlus Credit Union, we believe that every home has the potential for greatness. Our Signature Remodeler Loans empower you to enhance your living space, whether it’s upgrading your windows, siding, roof, flooring, landscaping, or any other home improvement project you have in mind.

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Choose CorePlus for Your Home Remodeling Loan Needs

Why Choose Signature Remodeler Loans from CorePlus?

1. Tailored for Your Home

Signature Remodeler Loans are designed exclusively for home improvements, allowing you to give your space a fresh, modern look. Regardless of your home’s current equity position, we’re here to support your vision.

2. Reduced Rates, Greater Savings

Enjoy reduced rates compared to our Signature Loan, making your home improvement project more affordable. At CorePlus, we believe in providing value to our members, helping you save while you invest in your home.

3. Simple Eligibility Criteria

If you’ve owned your home for at least 3 years, it’s not listed for sale, you’ve maintained a good mortgage payment history, and your property taxes are current, Signature Remodeler Loans could be your best solution.

  • Property taxes must be paid up to date & no tax or judgment liens
  • No 30-day late payments on mortgage tradelines within the past 18 months
  • Established mortgage experience for a minimum of 18 months

Key Features of Signature Remodeler Loans

Loan Amounts up to $50,000

Whether your project is big or small, we have you covered with loan amounts tailored to your specific needs.

Terms up to 144 Months

Enjoy the flexibility of extended terms, allowing you to manage your repayments comfortably.

Swift & Secure Funding

We understand that timing is crucial for your home improvement plans. With CorePlus, access to funds is provided quickly so you can kickstart your project sooner.

Personal Loans Rates
Rapid Cash Short Term Loan 28.00% 01 to 12 months
Personal Loans 10.49% – 17.99% 01 to 84 months
Debt Consolidation Loan 12.49% – 17.99% 01 to 84 months
“MoneyLine” of Credit 9.00% – 15.00% 01 to 36 months
Credit Builder Loan 13.99% 01 to 36 months
Signature Remodeler Loan 7.99% – 16.24% 01 to 144 months
Smart-E/CT Green Bank Loans 5.99% – 7.49% 01 to 180 months
Share Secured Advance Share Rate + 4.00% 01 to 84 months
Certificate Secured Advance Certificate Rate + 3.00% Term of Certificate
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Let’s Build Your Dream Home, Together!

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Your dream home is just a step away. Apply for a Signature Remodeler Loan from CorePlus Credit Union, and let us be your partner in transforming your home into a masterpiece.

At CorePlus Credit Union, we’re not just about loans; we’re about turning your vision into a reality. Apply today and let the remodeling journey begin!