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Privacy and Security Details from CorePlus

Privacy Statement

CorePlus is committed to protecting the personal information of members.

CorePlus Credit Union Privacy Statement

Your privacy and the security of your non-public personal information is important to us. We work hard to ensure that our security systems are protecting you. This page provides you with information about our Privacy Policy and will have important information about protecting yourself from fraud. We hope that you’ll visit often since the information on privacy security and fraud will be updated frequent

Privacy Statement

What Does CorePlus Federal Credit Union Do With Your Personal Information?

Read the Facts Here (PDF)

Online Privacy

CorePlus Credit Union is committed to preserving your online privacy. Your trust in CPCU is very important and we want you to know that we are striving to maintain your trust. Please review the following information regarding your privacy.

  1. Information Tracking
    When you visit our site, the credit union may track information regarding your habits regarding the pages that you look at, a short text file called a cookie, are downloaded to your computer. A cookie is used to store small amounts of information. This information is collected for traffic analysis only. The cookie does not contain personal details. Depending on the browser that you use, you can set your preferences to block/refuse cookies, and/or notify you before they are placed. Typically, this information will be gathered in aggregate of all visitors, so that we can continue providing content that is frequented most and replacing content that goes unvisited. Transactions and inquiries conducted through the Online or Mobile App will be tracked individually, and transactions will appear on your monthly statement.
  2. Online Advertising
    The credit union may advertise services and products to you through third-party websites such as but not limited to Social Media, Google or Bing. This includes advertisements displayed to previous credit union website visitors on third-party websites through the use of remarketing technologies. Third-party vendors such as AdRoll, and including Google, use cookies to serve ads based on website visitor’s past visits to the credit union website. Any data collected will be used in accordance with the credit union’s privacy policy and the third-party’s privacy policy. We do not collect any information through the use of Google’s or any other third-party remarketing system that can reveal your identity or access your computer. Remarketing services allow the credit union to deliver you relevant advertisements based on your previous web viewing history. You can opt out of Google’s use of cookies by visiting Google’s Ads Settings or opt out of additional third-party vendor’s use of cookies by visiting the Network Advertising Initiative opt-out page.
  3. Information Sharing
    The credit union will not sell any personal information to any third party at any time. CPCU may share information with business partners when deemed appropriate by the Board of Directors or Management staff. Some examples may be to offer group insurance rates to our members, or credit reporting agencies. From time to time we may offer other services through a business partner which requires disclosure of certain information, but only at your request. Signing up for or registering for any of these services may constitute your request.
  4. Other Links
    From time to time the credit union may provide links to other web sites. CorePlus Credit Union is not liable for content or availability of linked pages. CorePlus Credit Union makes no assertion of privacy for links not under it’s domain. If you choose to display public information in any forum you should be aware that anyone can record and use that information. We do not control the actions of our users and visitors. We have no control of the privacy policies of business partners or other vendors. If you choose to email the credit union please do not include any information which is not public as email is NOT secure and is susceptible to interception.
  5. Acceptance
    By using the web site or CPCU’s online or mobile banking services you signify your acceptance of these Privacy Policies and Terms of Use. If you do not agree to these Terms of Use or Privacy Policy your only recourse is to not use these pages. We reserve the right to make changes to these policies at anytime and without advanced notice.

Member Fraud Alerts

Protecting our members against credit card fraud is a top priority at CorePlus.

Credit Card Call Numbers

For lost or stolen CorePlus Mastercard Debit cards please contact 1-800-472-3272 within the United States and 909-941-1398 when traveling outside of the United States, after regular business hours.

For Elan/CorePlus Credit cards please contact 1-800-558-3424. During business hours please call CorePlus at 1-860-886-0576.


Why is my card blocked?

Currently card issuers all across the country, including CorePlus, are being notified by Cardmember Service of an increased number of fraud prevention blocks being instituted. The increased blocks are being generated from gasoline, grocery and other retail purchases in many states.

How did this happen?

Your credit and debit card activity is monitored 24/7 by Elan Financial Services’ Cardmember Service to help identify and prevent fraudulent transactions. Since Cardmember Service works 24/7, cards at risk of incurring fraudulent transactions are immediately blocked by and a phone call is placed to the cardholder from Cardmember Service to verify recent transaction activity. Please be sure we have your correct home and mobile phone numbers on file!

What should I do to use my card?

If the transactions are verified and not determined to be fraudulent, Elan will at that point release the block. If Elan is unable to reach the cardholder, a message will be left requesting the cardholder respond by calling Elan at the number they leave.

How can I make sure my card is secure?

CorePlus encourages members to regularly validate their credit card activity by logging onto for credit card challenges. Transactions determined to be fraudulent should immediately be reported by calling 1-860-558-3424.

International Credit/Debit

Credit or Debit Card International Use Restricted

To protect our members and the Credit Union from credit and debit card fraud CorePlus has implemented additional RESTRICTIONS* on the international use of credit and debit cards issued by CorePlus. Please notify CorePlus that you’re travelling outside the United States or your Elan/CPCU credit card and/or MasterCard debit card transactions could be denied while trying to make purchases in a foreign country. To place a notice before travelling, call Cardmember Service at 860-558-3424, at least one week before departure and provide both the dates and destinations. By notifying Cardmember Service in advance, steps may be taken to avoid your credit and/or debit card from being blocked against purchase transactions during your trip to certain restricted countries.

CorePlus Credit Union has BLOCKED* the use of our VISA credit card in the following countries due to the high incidence of fraud in these areas:
All African nations, Eastern Europe, Burma (Myanmar), Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Mexico, North Korea, Philippines, Russia, Spain.

Your CorePlus cards WILL NOT work in these blocked countries, under any circumstances.

* Restrictions may change to meet emerging threats and fraud activity without prior notice.

Credit or Debit Card Domestic Use Restricted

Credit card and debit card fraud is showing a marked increase in certain areas of the country (i.e. Florida, California, Texas, etc.) and in certain merchant or merchandise categories (i.e. gas stations, discount stores, computers, electronics, etc.).

To protect our members and the Credit Union from credit and debit card fraud CorePlus has implemented restrictions on the domestic use of credit and debit cards issued by CorePlus.

Transactions originating from certain states, for certain dollar limits, from certain types of merchants or certain product categories may be affected. Your Elan/CPCU credit card and/or MasterCard debit card transactions could be denied while trying to make purchases in the affected categories.

Funds Availability Policy Disclosure

This Disclosure describes your ability to withdraw funds from all your accounts at CorePlus Credit Union except for funds deposited to certificate accounts. Please ask us if you have a question about which accounts are affected by this policy.

Read the Policy Here (PDF)

Social Media Policy

Please contact our Marketing Department for details and questions regarding CorePlus Social Media channels.