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Details and information about CorePlus Debit cards

Debit Card FAQ

Learn the details about your new CorePlus Debit Card.

Get the Most from Your Debit Card

Debit cards are a convenient and secure way to pay for goods and services, and we’re here to help you make the most of yours. Whether you’re a seasoned debit card user or just getting started, we’ve got answers to all your most common questions.

From activating your card to setting up fraud alerts, we’ve got you covered. We’ll also walk you through how to use your debit card online and in stores, and answer any other questions you may have.

So what are you waiting for? Start exploring our FAQs today and learn everything you need to know about using your debit card with confidence.

CorePlus Debit Card FAQ

How can I change my address, phone number or e-mail address?

You can change all of your contact information online through iBanking. Select the Preferences button and follow the prompts. Or, you may visit any CorePlus Federal Credit Union branch. Generally, you can expect to have your information updated within 24 hours from the time you submit your request.

Can I transfer funds using my CPCU debit card?

Yes, with iBanking and iMobile apps, you can transfer funds within your account or bank-to-bank. You can opt to have the transfer happen one time, or automatically over a period of time.

What is a NSF charge?

Non-Sufficient Funds. When your debit transactions exceed the balance in your account. Overdraft charges may apply.

Can I manage my CPCU debit card account using my mobile device?

Get Started with Mobile Banking

You are just a few steps away from being able to bank anywhere, anytime.

Download the iMobile Banking App

Online Banking members can download our App to a mobile phone or tablet, or access accounts via a mobile web browser

The CorePlus Credit Union App is available at the Apple App Store for Apple iOS® users and at the Google Play® Store for Android® users.

Activate Your Device(s)

Log into your CPCU online banking account and add your mobile device(s) in the Mobile Banking Center. Then, activate each device by following the simple steps displayed on your screen.

You’re Done!

CorePlus Credit Union Members who are enrolled in Online Banking have automatic access to mobile banking web browsers. Just visit on your mobile device. Smart phone device users may visit the App store for the free downloadable apps for iPhone®/iPad® and Android™.

How can I receive paperless statements?

Enroll in Online Banking, choose the E-Statement enrollment button.

How can I get a copy of my debit card statement?

We will automatically send you a monthly statement. You can review your checking account statement online at CPCU iBanking. Log into Online Banking, select Account Details, then, My Statements to view.

Can I access my CPCU debit card account information online?

Yes! You can do all of these things online:

  • Get a summary of your current account status, including balance, available credit and payment information
  • View detailed transaction information
  • View and print up to 18 months of statements
  • Download transactions for use with financial management software

My card is expiring soon, what do I need to do to get another one?

MasterCard debit cards are automatically re-issued on an annual basis. Cards are good until the last day of the expiration month.

How do I activate my new debit card?

When your debit card arrives, you will also need a PIN (personal identification number) to use with it. Anyone who has access to your debit card and PIN will be able to use your debit card and spend your money. Do not write the PIN on your card or anywhere someone would be able to find it.

  • When you first get your debit card you should sign the backside.
  • Members must call 800.992.3808 to activate their cards and assign a PIN.

When will I receive my new debit card?

Your new card will arrive in 7 – 10 days.

How do I use my debit card?

When you want to make a purchase with your debit card you can give your debit card to the cashier or swipe it through a debit machine (most stores have these now) and enter in your PIN when it prompts you to do so.

Some debit machines also give you the option to use the card without putting in the PIN, another good reason to protect your card. Anyone can swipe it and use it without knowing your PIN. Ask the cashier to show you how to use the card as credit instead of debit if you prefer. Some stores will offer the option of ‘cash back’ with your debit card purchase. Be sure you record the full amount of the transaction.

Don’t forget to log the amount spent on each transaction in your check register just as you would do for a check. If you don’t keep track of what you spend, you could overdraw your account.

How do I order a card?

Call or come into any CorePlus branch to request a MasterCard debit card be linked to your checking account. Please call 860.886.0576 for the list of Instant Issue Offices.


Even if an ATM card is used for purchases, or if a debit card is swiped as “credit,” there may be a misconception that the “credit” status of the transaction means that payment is not due at the time of purchase. However, no matter how the card is swiped, the money is taken out of the user’s checking account within a few days of the transaction — there is no grace period or billing for a debit card run through as a credit card.


An ATM card is a no-frills way of withdrawing money from one’s checking account. The cash withdrawal is immediately deducted from the checking account and the transaction is immediately posted to the account.

A debit card can also withdraw money from an ATM machine with a PIN number. The debit card can also be used to make purchases wherever the processing company’s logo is displayed (such as MasterCard). The card can be swiped as ‘debit’ meaning that a PIN number must be entered, or the card can be swiped as ‘credit’ which requires no PIN.

Types: Debit or Credit?

An ATM card can generally only access cash through an ATM machine and cannot often be used for purchases. A debit card, on the other hand, can be used much like a credit card to buy products without cash or a check.When a debit card is swiped as a credit card, the PIN number is optional. Whatever the case, unlike a credit card, money spent through a debit card transaction is deducted directly from your checking account.

You can tell the difference between a debit and ATM card by looking on the front of the card. Cards that serve as Debit cards will have the word DEBIT above the branded logo of a transaction processing company, MasterCard, on the front of the card. This signifies that the card can be swiped like a credit card and the transaction will be processed over that network. It can be used wherever the matching logo is displayed. An ATM card lacks these logos and lacks the capability to connect to these processing networks. However, in some cases, select merchants may have a Point of Service system that allows customers to purchase items with an ATM card. Debit card processing is more common.


Both ATM and debit cards serve the purpose of linking your checking account to a plastic card that can be used to access and use your money 24 hours a day. Both cards can be used to withdraw money from an ATM machine and both cards generally have PIN numbers that can be used to complete a secure transaction.

What is the difference between an ATM card and a debit card?

ATM cards are used to access money in one’s savings account traditionally. *ATM cards are not offered at CorePlus*

The cards are generally issued directly by the bank where you hold your checking account and are not issued by credit card companies. It is also important to note that neither of these types of bank cards are credit cards.

Is it necessary to notify CorePlus that I am traveling?

  • Yes! Before traveling, contact CorePlus and let us know your destination and duration of your trip.
  • Take cash and have an alternative access to funds such as a Travelex Card or Travelers Checks.
  • Bring your debit card company contact information with you, especially the telephone number to report the card lost or stolen: Within the US, call: 1-800- 724-0779 or 1-800-472-3272. Outside the US, call 1-973-682-2652.
  • Upon your return from your trip, review your checking account statement and confirm that all transactions are legitimate. Immediately call 1-800- 724-0779 or 1-800-472-3272 to report any fraudulent transactions or activity.

Is there a foreign currency exchange fee?

Yes. CorePlus does charge a foreign currency exchange fee.

Does my CPCU Mastercard debit card cover me on car rental insurance?


What if I think my number is being fraudulently used?

Many times a single unauthorized charge is found to be a merchant error. Simply contacting the merchant might resolve the error quickly. However, if you think your Debit card is being fraudulently used, call CorePlus Federal Credit Union at 860-886-0576 or toll free at 800-724-0779.

What do I do if I don’t recognize the merchant listed on my statement?

Some merchants may bill under a name other than their operating name or bill from a state different from where you made your purchase. If you have questions about the transaction, please contact the merchant or the credit union at 860-886-0576.