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Be Mortgage-Free Sooner With Our Rapid Refi!

SAVE EVEN MORE with a New Lower Rate! 

Short-Term Refinance

Fixed Rate 6.00%
(6.046% APR* up to 96 month term)

Pay off an existing mortgage faster with our Rapid Refi Mortgage program, with lower fixed rates and accelerated terms saving you thousands of dollars. Be mortgage-free sooner! 

Calculate Your Payment & Apply!

Easy & Convenient Ways to Apply:


Our mortgage specials are waiting to help you
with any questions and help you through the application process. 

Call Us: 860-886-0576 ext 3030
In person: at any convenient branch locations in Eastern CT

*Annual Percentage Rate listed requires a minimum credit score of 800, maximum 80% LTV, and loan purpose for refinance and/or home improvements. Limited to 1-4 unit, owner occupied homes not listed for sale, residentially zoned properties located in Connecticut or Rhode Island with a maximum loan amount of $300,000 and 80% maximum LTV. Limited time offer, current CPCU loans not eligible, this offer can be withdrawn at any time without prior notice.

NMLS# 404962